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The St. Paul Yacht Club is a non-profit entity (501 C-7) dedicated to safe and affordable boating on the Mississippi River. We have a full-time staff of two and an eleven-member volunteer Board of Directors.

We are a public marina devoted to safe, affordable boating. It belongs to St. Paul and its surrounding communities. The membership is a wonderful cross-section of people from every walk of life. The common denominator among them all is a passion for boating and life on the Mississippi. 


2020 Board of Directors & Staff

Flag Officers:

Steve Nelson  -  Commodore

Greg Jorgensen  -  Vice-Commodore

Jeff Teninger  -  Treasurer

Bill Tschohl  -  Secretary


Board Members-at-Large:

  • Brett Cummings

  • Peter Kramer

  • Kevin Goodspeed

  • Mike Patton

  • Bill Gibbs

  • Anne Stone

About S.P.Y.C.

Past Commodore:

Dennis Sando


Staff Members:

Daniel DeLude  -  Acting Business Manager

Brian Koskie  -  Dockmaster                  

William Battle  -  Yardhand

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